Health and Safety Guidelines

Hays City Store is so grateful to our guests during this time and are THRILLED that you can begin to enjoy full-service dining.  HOWEVER, things are NOT back to normal, at least not yet. Keeping Our Community Safe is a Group Effort.  

On May 1st, we can begin allowing guests on our patio and Ice House.  All seating is by Host (No Seat Yourself at this Time).  We can ONLY Use 25% of our seats.  THE DINING ROOM REMAINS CLOSED TO DINERS.                        Togo Transactions Only in Main Dining.

We are diligent about following proper handwashing, and constantly sanitizing surfaces.

Some things you need to consider:

  • – No parties over 6 at any table.
  • – All parties must remain 6 feet apart
  • – Hand washing and sanitizing is available and accessible
  • – We will not offer condiments unless requested
  • – We are using paper menus – and NOT re-using them. (Or menu is online)

We are screening our employees.  Any sign of illness and they are sent home.  If there is any reason you may have been exposed to Covid 19 we ask that you stay home.

We request contactless payment by

  1. Show your server your Credit/Debit Card. 
  2. The server will write down the information. 
  3. The server will take the information to the POS and process the payment. 
  4. The server will return the number to you or black it out with a black marker. 
  5. You will allow the server to write in any tip you wish to leave and sign the voucher with an X. 

If you are not comfortable with this system, the server takes your card from you, processes like normal, allows you to sign and wash and sanitize afterwards. 

We can only accommodate 25% of our seats, so, we ask that you are considerate of diners waiting and limit your time so that others may dine.

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